Do am I too Old for Online Dating?

The fact is that there is nothing unusual with dating at any age. However, we tend to often shy away from dating people of different ages and fear that age will be the reason that it will not work out. In 2017 does the age factor really matter? Some people might argue that the reason of age does matter because of the fact that our culture is obsessed with youth. Just because of this thinking of people the biggest question that people will ask before going for online dating is whether or not they are too old as far as online dating is concerned.

Important Things to Know About Online Dating

The good thing for people who want to go for online dating after 40 is that the popularity of online dating has opened many options for people who had trouble dating in the past or who have been anxious that they were pretty old to date.

  • The fact is that people are more likely to lie about their age on dating profiles but interestingly online dating is growing in use for people who are in the 40 + age group. Moreover, the usage of online dating has doubled for people between the age of 55 and 64.
  • As a matter of fact, people from older generation prefer to date using the traditional style of dating.
  • The truth is that whether you are looking to date someone your own age or older or younger online dating is the right opportunity for you to see who else is there for you.
  • You may not know but you are never too old to be using online dating; however, there are some concerns that people have as far as mentioning their older age on the dating profile is concerned.

Interesting Facts About Online Dating

People Do Not Want to Date an Older Woman or Man

However, this is not true for men because older men have more options as compared to older women because they are able to date younger women. Interestingly by the age of 48 men have twice more online matches than women.

Will You Meet Someone Your Age Online?

Yes, this is true as it has been proved that 50+ age group is the fastest growing online dating group so far. Surprisingly people between the age of 45 and 54 are just as likely to date online as someone in the age group of 20-25.

Should You Lie About Your Age Online?

Studies have shown that age is the top factor that both men and women lie about as far as online dating is concerned. You may want to do so as you want to appear younger but eventually, you should not feel like actually doing it. Due to this we can say that age would not matter when you might meet the right person. Moreover, if you lie about your age and start dating someone younger or older the truth would come out. Due to this, you should start your relationship on the right note.

You should not think that you are too old for online dating. If you are confident then you can go for online dating irrespective of your age.

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