Does My Crush Like Me?

Having a crush is like being infected with the most disturbing, annoying but sweet disease you could ever get. It is just like an affliction. This is because, when you deeply crush on someone, It is almost like you have been wounded in battle.  Your thoughts are occupied, you might often think about him and you can’t get his voice, face or even scent – out of your mind.

You might doubt whether “does he have a crush on me” until you get your first kiss. Still there are chances to find out whether he finds you attractive and thinks you so much like you do. So how to tell if your crush likes you,  these top four signs will prove that;

1. He Touches you often

In many cases, when people of the opposite sex are out in a public place together and are not dating, it is uncommon for them to do physical touching. Sure, they might be a hug offered here and there, but in general people who don’t date will never touch much in public. So, If your guy love to touch you often, o love offering a hug, then he is probably a thing for you.

2. He open ups what Matters to Him

If you are someone who love to observe small talk, you might see that is actually something impersonal. For instance, while the question, “How do you do” might sound personal, we all know at some level that his is just another way to say “Hi” or “Hello”. Strangers often do it all the time. So, if the guy opens up to you about his goals and dreams or even talks about what he wants and likes and dislikes, then this is the good indicator of his feelings for you.

3. He Speaks about you more

If a man really has a thing for you then he will express it in subtle ways, like as asking about what you love and what makes you tick. Even if the guy is a shy kinda person and not much conversationalist then make his curious about what you like.

4.He Compliments you more

Does your crush comment about your clothes or make – up. No he is not going to write an article for an article. The trust is, many men don’t know what fashion is. If he is commenting about these, then this is because he adore you more.

So, the only way to know does your crush likes you is to ask him about it. If your guy has given any sort of signs then you must make a move while the attraction flame is still burning. With the right move the flame can turn into a full- blown fire!

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